What’s the Question?
Developing a Concept exists from many phases. If we create Concepts for our clients in the Theme Park Industry, we split the Creation of amazing Concepts into 5 phases.
The first phase is the Analysis and Research Phase. During that phase, we Analise the venue, the geographic location, the environment, the guests, the guest behavior the potential, the USP, and the inquiry of the client. With that data, our team of concept designers, sociologists, and partners like business strategists, high tech technologists, software specialists, etc. start brainstorming and do the research. What do your guests want? What do they need? What are the technical and physical challenges? Who is the competition and what are they doing? What is the ROI? How can we make the difference? We create the mind map and give the idea a name.
Finally, we create the A&R Report and Roadmap and give you a rock solid foundation for your next project.

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