When the concepts are delivered, all parties can start with the realization of the project.
Our creative director can be onsite during the building process of the attraction to oversee the creative progress and make sure that the consistency of the concept will be executed as intended in the Concept. When things are not running smoothly or need modifications due to delivery problems or unavailability of components our Creative Director can adjust the plans on-site immediately.
Our team files every step, every modification, and all progress, included the suppliers, and crewmembers involved in the project. In the end, everything is filed, so that everything is traceable according to the highest ISO certification guidelines.
After the certification organization gives its clearance to open the attraction and the soft opening for RL testing and feedback of the guests are recorded, some modifications can be proposed and realized.
After the opening day, our job is done, and we hand over all the building files to the maintenance team so the guest can enjoy your new attraction for many years.

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